Automatic Tray Freezer

Automatic Carton Freezer

Automatic Tray Freezer – ATF

The ATF is available in three sizes (ATF100, 150 and 200). The quantity of shelves and the overall dimensions can be customised within these sizes to meet your freezing requirements.


Key Features and Benefits of the ATF

Product Density

Product density is high by comparison to a spiral freezer.


Belts are expensive, shelves are not.

Shelf Spacing

Shelves can be spaced for both large and small product heights within the same freezer.

Product Sorting

Product can be sorted within the ATF, i.e. product ‘A’ can be brought out first, then ‘B’, etc.

Construction Time On Site

The ATF is manufactured, wired and pre-commissioned in our works prior to delivery, dramatically reducing on-site construction.


The ATF is delivered as one item. Only the insulated enclosure, wiring connections, refrigeration, and conveyors are installed on site prior to start-up.

Transport to Site

The ATF is approximately the same size as a shipping container which makes it very simple to transport to site.


The ATF is easy to re-calibrate for new product types.

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