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    Kal™ is a new and unique approach to Calorimetry, the trusted scientific method for measuring energy (calories). Never have you been able to accurately measure heat removed/added to your product in your production like this before.

    Unlike traditional invasive temperature sensors (spiking) that only reads your food’s temperature at one point, Kal™ goes beyond by measuring your product’s equalised temperature and can calculate the energy removed or added.

    In the world of food production, rapid changes in temperature are required. Whether freezing, chilling, cooking, or tempering, Kal™ ensures that your food undergoes the perfect balance of temperature control.

    By analysing the thermal trends within your food, Kal™ determines precisely whether your methods are right, or if adjustments are needed, all while estimating the potential energy savings based on Newtonian Theory.

    Every food producer striving for excellence should have Kal™ in their arsenal, especially those handling large volumes of product. By making your processes predictable and well-documented, Kal™ ensures consistency and quality in every batch.

    Key Benefits of Kal™


    Kal™ measures the finished equalised temperature of food products, providing precise data.


    Kal™ provides trends allowing you to improve your freezing methods, reducing the risk of over-cooling/heating.


    Kal™ provides actionable insights and recommendations to optimize production processes & food safety.


    Integrating Kal™ into your production line is seamless and hassle-free, thanks to its user-friendly interface.


    Kal™ maximises cost savings, providing peace of mind and tangible benefits for your business.


    Kal™ ensures energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact and enhancing overall sustainability.

    Key Benefits of Kal™

    Lets talk efficiency : did you know that even a slight adjustment in temperature can lead to significant energy savings? With Kal™ you can fine-tune your refrigeration processes with precision. Just imagine the savings when every degree counts!

    No more guesswork or uncertainty in your food production – just reliable, accurate results every time!