Project Construction and Installation

Project construction and installation is an area in which NH3 excels. We provide cost effective methods of achieving the best results, with an eye on future maintenance and running costs.

Refrigeration is an expensive commodity both to construct and run. Correct construction is crucial to a refrigeration plants future maintainability, efficiency and flexibility, and for adaptability to future client requirements. We consider every single aspect of all parts of the refrigeration system to achieve these goals.

NH3 has constructed very large systems of over £4.5 million and very small systems which have grown over time. One particular example is a system which has been extended several times to more than quadruple its original size always maintaining its high efficiency throughout.

Areas of Expertise

Meat Industry
Cold Storage
Process air conditioning

Project Management

NH3 has acted as the main contractor, project managing the refrigeration, building works, insulated panels, steel frames, lighting, wiring, fire protection, control systems, conveyors, etc. We have successfully completed large projects all over the world in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and the Americas.

Refrigeration Plant Design

Our experienced design engineers take a practical approach to all cooling design. We work alongside our clients to provide the most appropriate solution. We approach all concepts with the latest technology available, treating each clients problem as unique.

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